August 22nd
2:30-4:30pm: Backyard Poultry - The Basics for the Small Animal Practitioner (worth 2 CE hours)
Presented by: Dr. Christopher Magee

  • Hour 1: In this introductory session, we will discuss some basic topics of backyard poultry such as historical context, avian anatomy, husbandry, biosecurity, and regulations regarding medication use.
  • Hour 2: In the second session of backyard poultry, we will discuss common conditions, such as parasites and behavioral disorders. We will also discuss the less common diseases that can have severe consequences for the entire poultry industry.

August 29th
5:30-6:20pm: The Deadly Association Between DWV and Varroa Mites (worth 1 CE hour)
Presented by: Dr. Judy Chen

  • Description coming soon!

6:30-8:20pm: Disease Management in Honey Bees (worth 2 CE hours)
Presented by: Dr. Jay Evans & Samuel Abban

  • Description coming soon!


September 12th
6:30-8:20pm: Common Illnesses & Treatments in Rabbits (worth 2 CE hours)
Presented by: Dr. Sari Kanfer

  • First we will briefly cover handling and restraint, venipuncture and intravenous catheterization, as well as taking and evaluating radiographs. Then we will cover the most common diseases in each body system and discuss the recommended treatments.

September 19th
5:30-7:00pm: Common Causes of ADR in Small Ruminants (worth 1.5 CE hours)
Presented by: Dr. Beth Johnson

  • This small ruminant presentation will focus on the common ailments that practitioners may encounter in small ruminant cases.  I will cover diagnosis, treatment and preventatives.  A short discussion on parasite control will be discussed.  There are references listed at the end to assist practitioners where to go to look up more in depth information. 

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