When you join the WVVMA, you are not only showing your support of our Association but becoming a part of a community of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, professionals and citizens who are passionate about animal care. As a member, you will receive the following benefits and so much more. To become a member, please visit this page.

Continuing Education

  • According to the West Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine, veterinarians are required by law to complete at least 18 hours of continuing education hours per year  and veterinary technicians at least 8 hours of continuing education hours per year to qualify to renew their license.
  • The WVVMA offers multiple meetings and conferences throughout the year that help veterinarians and veterinary technicians achieve this requirement.  Within these meetings we are able to provide veterinarians with information that will benefits their careers and practices while fulfilling these requirements.
  • To learn more about our upcoming events visit our Event Page


  • WVVMA’s newsletter Factline is another wonderful benefit for members. Factline is issued to all of our membership quarterly. Within it we provide the latest news and legislation pertaining to veterinary medicine as well as updates on our association. Members are encouraged to submit articles! We also include a classifieds section where members can advertise for free.


  • We know that it is tough to stay on top of all of the recent news and legislation pertinent to your practice. The WVVMA has national representation at the AVMA in the form of an AVMA delegate and alternate delegate.  These delegates allow us stay better connect with the AVMA as well as to monitor our member’s interests so that necessary action can be taken when necessary.
  • The WVVMA also employs a bill reader who communicates the latest issues that can affect our members. This bill reader along with members of our executive board makes sure that all information is communicated to our members in a timely and efficient manner.  Legislation updates are published on our website and within our newsletter.


  • Our organization serves as a support system and forum for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.  Through our connections grown over our history as an association we are able to answer questions and provide solutions for veterinarians, technicians, pet owners, professionals and anyone passionate about animal care.  We  retain great relationships with the WV Board of Veterinary Medicine, the USDA,  the West Virignia State Veterinarian’s Office, the AVMA, other state VMA’s and many more.  We are also sponsored by numerous national and local companies who are able to then reach out to you through advertising and exhibiting at our meetings and conferences.
  • We also fund scholarships for a set number of West Virginia Students attending several universities including Mississippi State and the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.

WVVMA Mission

The WVVMA is committed to the advancement of veterinary knowledge, animal health and service to the public. We provide our veterinary community with education, communication resources and professional fellowship.


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